Making Grid Themes (for Tumblr)
We get alot of questions about turning single column themes into multi-column themes and it sounds simple but creating grid themes can be a nightmare, not just for newbies but even the experienced theme makers. So basically, if you don’t understand how themes are made, you should not be trying to doing this. It’s not (as someone previously thought) as easy as adding some HTML tabling. The first thing you need to decide is which plugin/script you’re going to be using and these are some of the choices:

  • Masonry
    This is the original script that the majority (maybe 80%) of people use. There’s a great tutorial on how to incorporate it into the tumblr design.
  • Wookmark
    This is what the other 20% of the community use as an alternative to make grid themes. You may also find the name familiar from Wookmark (the image saving site). There is also a tutorial on to use this for tumblr themes.
  • Isotope
    This one is more complex and I would actually suggest not using it for tumblr but maybe more complex websites, its just a good one to know as it has the filter function.
  • Freetile
    This one is relatively new and I’ve personally tried as an alternative to masonry - the effects and usage is fairly similar although I have yet to try it with infinite scroll.
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